Application Process

Program Description

The Neubauer Collegium provides financial and administrative support for projects that enable University of Chicago faculty to pursue complex questions that require collaboration. Project activities may involve any combination of working group meetings, conferences, performances, short-term or long-term visiting faculty fellows (from one month to one academic year), course instruction, research assistance, or any other relevant form of collaboration. Project activities should be designed in whatever form the applicants think best fits the nature of the questions they are asking. One of the goals of the Neubauer Collegium is to encourage experimentation in the conceptualization of collaborative work – as such, we welcome proposals that lead outside the boundaries of particular disciplines, or even challenge the nature of those boundaries themselves. Proposals may include collaborators in any discipline, art, science, or administrative unit of the University, provided humanistic knowledge and modes of inquiry are central to the project.

Applications for projects that will begin in Summer/Autumn 2014 were due on October 30, 2013.

Neubauer Collegium proposals are solicited for the following programs:

  1. Large-Scale Collaborative Projects: The Neubauer Collegium supports a limited number of large-scale collaborative projects each year. These can be multi-year projects (1-3 years), and may include whatever type of collaborative activities the proposing faculty deem most appropriate to the questions they are pursuing. Requests for support may range from $25,000/year-$100,000/year over the duration of the project (up to $300,000 total for a three-year project).
  2. Seed Projects: The Neubauer Collegium supports several seed projects each year for faculty teams wishing to explore collaborative topics at a stage not sufficiently developed for a large-scale grant. Seed Projects may be multi-year (1-3 years), and may include whatever type of collaborative activities the proposing faculty deem most appropriate to the questions they are pursuing. Request for support are accepted for up to $25,000/year over the duration of the project (up to $75,000 total for a three-year project).
  3. Visiting Fellows: The Neubauer Collegium can host Visiting Fellows who are not otherwise affiliated with a large-scale or seed project. Nominations for such visitors may be put forward by any individual or group of faculty, and should describe how the visiting fellow will catalyze or strengthen collaborative research communities on campus. Although Visiting Fellows may be asked to offer a course, their campus residency is intended to stimulate collaborative research, not provide curricular coverage. We welcome proposals that include a sabbatical top-off for the visitor while on leave from her/his home institution.

We encourage you to visit our website for Frequently Asked Questions and Budget Guidelines, and to read about recently awarded projects.

Note: Prospective applicants are invited to consult with staff at the Neubauer Collegium. Please contact

Proposals must be submitted via the online application. The application must include a project title, the name(s) and CV(s) of the principal faculty sponsor(s), a 200-250 word abstract, a project narrative, and a project budget.

Applications will be evaluated by the faculty Director and Advisory Board of the Neubauer Collegium. Award notices will be announced before the end of autumn quarter 2013. For more details on evaluation criteria, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

The project narrative should be no more than ten pages single spaced, and should address:

  1. The significance of the project to fundamental questions in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. In cases where a major part of the proposal involves other fields and methodologies, please describe the critical contribution that humanistic knowledge and modes of inquiry will make to the project.
  2. The importance of the proposed collaborative approach in addressing the project’s central research question(s).
  3. The distinctive impact that support from the Neubauer Collegium would have on the project. If this is a proposal that would extend an ongoing collaboration, please give a brief history of the project and describe what is distinctive about the set of program activities being proposed to the Neubauer Collegium.
  4. The anticipated short-term and long-term results.  

In addition to the principal faculty sponsors of the project, the names of other confirmed faculty participants should be included in the narrative.

The project budget should be 1-2 pages, and should include cost estimates and a brief description for all project expenses. Please visit our website for Budget Guidelines for guidance on preparing the budget.

Projects supported by the Neubauer Collegium will receive full administrative support, including financial administration, facilities, academic appointments for visitors, and logistical arrangements related to project activities.

A brief narrative report will be due at the end of each academic year (for multi-year projects), and a final report on the project outcome(s) will be due within ninety days of the end of the project period.

Additional terms and conditions will accompany the awards announcement.