2020-21 Director’s Lectures

Embracing a Complicated Relationship: Indigenous Museum Practices
December 1, 2020

Over the past 30 years, museum institutions have learned to engage with tribal communities more directly in the stewardship of their cultural materials. Stemming from federal mandates around the repatriation of human remains and objects of cultural patrimony, practices of consultation and recognition of community protocols have become more commonplace in museum venues. Despite these efforts, differing ideologies of care and collaboration between museum institutions and tribal communities remain an ongoing issue of negotiation and, at times, tension. Today the role of Indigenous curators, collection managers, and educators includes not only the maintenance of multiple standards of care, but also of relationships—relations with colleagues, institutions, and community, both living and ancestral. The panelists in this online discussion, part of the Neubauer Collegium Director's Lecture series, considered the navigation of this complicated relationship and the concrete ways they uphold and implement Indigenous museum practices in their research, curation, and pedagogy.

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Vikram Patel, Reimagining Mental Health in the Shadow of the Pandemic
October 13, 2020

Even before the COVID crisis hit, the world was confronting a major mental health crisis, measured by skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and actual suicides among people 10-25 years old. At this talk, Harvard-based global health expert Dr. Vikram Patel discussed the ways the pandemic is complicating efforts to address mental health among youth and adolescents. Deborah Gorman-Smith, dean of University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago, offered a response.

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