Joan W. Scott on “Gender, Politics, and Psychoanalysis”

Thursday, October 19
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Regenstein Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637

At this Neubauer Collegium Director's Lecture, Joan W. Scott (professor emerita, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study) will use psychoanalytic teaching about sex differences to theorize a comment she made 30 years ago: "gender constructs politics and politics constructs gender." Scott will argue that contrary to criticisms often made of it (a criticism she herself made in 1986), psychoanalysis lets scholars historicize gender. From this perspective, gender does not base its ascription of social roles on the imperatives of physical bodies. Rather, it is a historically and culturally variable attempt to provide a grid of intelligibility for sex as well as for systems of political rule.

Photo: Adam Ashforth