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Can Tocqueville Karaoke in Chicago?
A workshop on City, Society and Space

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Workshop on City, Society, and Space hosted members of the Place Lab team led by the urban planner, artist, and entrepreneur Theaster Gates (2014-2015 Neubauer Collegium Fellow). Place Lab has a mission to document the principles, best practices, and innovative strategies of an urban arts-and-culture-driven model of neighborhood development and place-based reinvestment, guided by its residents. Place Lab seeks to reveal how the process of community-led placemaking inherently includes and must contend with the unruly nature of art and the missteps of previous redevelopment initiatives along with historic suspicions of transformation and resistance to change by community residents. As of recently, Place Lab is collaborating with Department of Sociology Professor Terry Nichols Clark (2014-2015 Neubauer Collegium Fellow) and his Art Scenes research team, with an attempt to harness the experience and expertise of University of Chicago researchers to inform and benefit their purposes.