About this Project

This project extends the research team’s investigation of Kim, a remarkable individual without somatosensation, from the restricted area of sensory experience into the broader and more momentous world of affect and emotion. The researchers are motivated by the finding that affect and emotion structure are anchored in interoception, meaning the feeling of the body. Since the feeling of the body depends overwhelmingly on somatosensory sensation, understanding the structure of affect and emotion in a person without somatosensation offers a unique opportunity. Kim is highly social, has likes and dislikes, and does not express any affective, emotional, or social behavior that dramatically differs from the norm. This investigation will go beyond casual assessment and compare Kim’s emotion structure to that of healthy and disabled (mobility) controls. Mobility disabled controls are included to account for the challenges and strategies common to those who use a wheelchair to navigate the world while isolating the somatosensory differences unique to Kim.


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