Project Administration and Support

The Neubauer Collegium provides comprehensive support throughout the life-cycle of faculty research initiatives, from early conceptual stages and pre-proposal consultation, through project implementation, to planning for further development. Support includes financial administration, planning and managing logistics for research activities, communications, and access to building facilities at the Neubauer Collegium. This guide is intended for current and prospective Neubauer Collegium Fellows to learn about the various forms of project administration and support the Neubauer Collegium can provide.

Please click the expandable tabs below for information on the administrative support offered by the Neubauer Collegium.

The Neubauer Collegium manages the financial administration of faculty research initiatives we support, including travel payments, honoraria, reimbursements, and the purchase of goods and services. In order to provide the best support to your projects, please begin planning these financial matters with Jennifer Helmin, Assistant Director of Operations, with sufficient advance lead time.

The Neubauer Collegium supports hiring and payroll matters related to new research assistance for faculty research initiatives, student research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, and independent consultants. To ensure university hiring procedures are followed, please contact Jennifer Helmin, Assistant Director of Operations, prior to making any hiring commitments. We ask that you begin planning your personnel and payroll matters with Jennifer at least two weeks in advance for research assistants and one month in advance for other research staff hires.

The Neubauer Collegium works closely with faculty to develop plans, and provide day-of-event support, for working group meetings, conferences, lectures, and other project activities. Our staff regularly meets with project faculty to design and coordinate logistics for activities including venue selection, travel and hotel accommodations for visitors, and wireless access codes for meetings or conferences. For assistance planning private working-group meetings or public conferences and lectures, please coordinate with Carolyn Ownbey, Assistant Director of Research Initiatives.

The Neubauer Collegium website is designed to provide a place for both internal and external audiences to learn about Neubauer Collegium faculty research initiatives. These webpages can be populated on an ongoing basis with project updates, publications, images, event photos, and resources (pdfs, links, etc). Please send content or ideas for your webpage to Mark Sorkin, Assistant Director of Communications. We always look forward to hearing details surrounding milestones related to your project!

The Neubauer Collegium develops publicity materials for project-related lectures, workshops, and conferences. Publicity is designed to reach a wide audience and may include: posters/fliers, webpages, calendar posting, email distribution (list serves and other), and social media. In rare cases when publicity for activities related to your Neubauer Collegium project is developed externally, we ask that the Neubauer Collegium logo is included. Please see the links below for downloadable logos.

We have found email and social media to be successful tools for providing the general public with updates on Neubauer Collegium projects and announcements of future events and programs. Please like us on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter (@UChiCollegium), and sign up to receive email updates on the Connect with the Collegium page. The email sign-up form allows visitors to specify receipt of communications specific to individual Neubauer Collegium projects.

The Neubauer Collegium manages the academic appointment process for affiliated Visiting Fellows. Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellows have formal academic appointments and corresponding access privileges to University resources, including Library privileges, University email, and CNetID. To begin the process, please contact Carolyn Ownbey with sufficient advance lead time.  For visitors traveling from outisde of the U.S., please notify Collegium staff at least seven months prior to the scheduled arrival date; at least three months advance notice is needed for visitors coming from within the U.S.

The Neubauer Collegium supports exhibitions and other arts programming related to Neubauer Collegium-supported research projects, exploring new ways for the visual arts to play an important role in collaborative humanistic inquiry. Fellows whose projects involve exhibitions in the Neubauer Collegium’s gallery or other significant art or media components should work with Neubauer Collegium Curator Dieter Roelstraete to develop and realize those aspects of their projects.

The Neubauer Collegium develops and supports online environments that enable research teams to extend and enrich their collaborations, including file-sharing and convert-to-digital services, collaborative editing, discussion boards, and teleconferencing. Neubauer Collegium e-collaboration occurs in secure environments; login credentials can be issued for non-UChicago research participants. Please contact Carolyn Ownbey for assistance designing and using Neubauer Collegium e-collaboration tools.