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2013 – 2015

Global Literary Networks was a two-year digital humanities research project that examined the production, diffusion, and reception of literature on a macro-interpretative scale using tools of network analysis and network visualization. Combining large datasets, social scientific methods, and textual close reading, this project investigated the social dimensions of modernist literary history and aesthetics in the twentieth century by de-framing traditional literary categories – such as influence and dissemination – and introducing and adapting new categories from other disciplines. Using modernist poetry from the United States as the starting point, the project branched out to Japan, China, and Latin America to track the relation between modernist poetic activities in different national contexts. The project brought together theoreticians and technicians from literary studies, sociology, computer science, statistics, and visual design to explore new approaches to the analysis, preservation, and presentation of “big data”; new media platforms for processing, displaying, and disseminating digitally inflected work; and team-based scholarship.


The Digital in the Humanities: An Interview with Richard Jean So

April 28, 2016

-- Melissa Dinsmann, Los Angeles Review of Books

The Humanities, Rebooted

April 14, 2014

Neubauer Collegium Catalyzes Digital Humanities Innovation at University of Chicago

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