A History of Christine Mehring’s Project

The photos below are from my [Christine Mehring’s] first visit to the Vostell car, together with Blair Archambeau (Associate Provost for Campus Planning), Richard Bumstead (Associate Director, Campus Environment), Adrian Anagnost (Research Assistant for the Task Force on Campus Art Works), and Angela Steinmetz (Head Registrar, Smart Museum). Rough dates that led to this visit include: In summer 2011, I took over as chair of the campus planning committee, which is an advisory faculty committee to the Provost. In discussing my priorities and interests for my term with the Associate Provost for Campus Planning, Blair Archambeau, and University Architect, Steve Wiesenthal, the discussion turned to campus public sculpture, and soon “the car” was mentioned. I then realized for the first time that we owned a major work by Wolf Vostell. Between then and fall 2012, I initiated and started co-chairing, with Jessica Stockholder (Department Chair, DOVA), a task force on public sculpture, reporting to the Deputy Provost for the Arts, Larry Norman, and two research assistants were funded jointly for one year by Larry and Steve. Adrian Anagnost did substantial research on the car that year under my guidance. That fall, I also contacted New York based conservator Christian Scheidemann for the first time, and he offered to come out to see the car and run the June 2012 workshop with me.