Material Conditions

These images show the underside of the car, many of them the steel trusses that were placed underneath for transport. The trusses have “eaten” into the concrete, as some photos here show, but nevertheless now, we believe, support the weight of the concrete. One of the main problems we try to solve with the structural engineers is how to remove these and stabilize the car in a way that is not visible. Being able to look under the car and seeing it as a real and whole car is, we have determined, an important part of the experience and meaning of the work.

Because of problems with the composition of the concrete and/or the process of casting the concrete, some patching was done on site at the MCA after Vostell had left for Germany already. These are quite visible and cracking, and, given their ambiguous status with respect to the artist’s intent, we are trying to determine whether to deal with them, and if so, how to do so.