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2017 – 2018

The NigerHeritage project involved rethinking the design and function of two cultural facilities and one paleontological site—a museum, a cultural center for nomadic peoples, and a fossil field site—for preservation of Niger’s paleontological, archaeological, and cultural heritage. Research, discussion, and forums held in the U.S. and Niger—involving scientists, social scientists, architects, planners, and the public—aimed to forge consensus plans for these cultural initiatives, the ultimate goals of which include long-term preservation and celebration of unique cultural heritage, engagement of surrounding communities, and novel architectural solutions that are sustainable and environmentally sensitive.

Photo: © Mike Hettwer


Dinosaurs in the Sahara

February 15, 2021

A Washington Post feature reports on how the pandemic is complicating research efforts led by UChicago paleontologist Paul Sereno—supported, in part, by the Neubauer Collegium's NigerHeritage project.

University of Chicago Plays Key Role in Trying to Save Niger’s Heritage

August 1, 2018

Paleontologist Paul Sereno and Nigerien Minister of Cultural Renaissance Assoumana Mallam Issa joined Chicago Tonight host Phil Ponce to discuss the NigerHeritage project. Watch the interview.

UChicago Partners with Scholars, Political Leaders to Preserve Niger’s Heritage

July 27, 2018

In a Q&A with UChicago News, Paleontologist Paul Sereno shares his thoughts on the NigerHeritage project and why it represents such a unique and valuable opportunity.


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