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This project involves rethinking the design and function of a museum, a cultural center for nomadic peoples, and local field stations—each with a distinct role in the preservation of Niger’s unique paleontological, archaeological and cultural heritage. Scientists, social scientists, architects, planners and the public in Niger will collaborate to develop the mission and plans for these innovative, energy-efficient cultural initiatives, which shepherd the repatriation and long-term stewardship of priceless artifacts originating from the region.

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Dinosaurs in the Sahara

February 15, 2021

A Washington Post feature reports on how the pandemic is complicating research efforts led by UChicago paleontologist Paul Sereno—supported, in part, by the Neubauer Collegium's NigerHeritage project.

An Archaeological Riddle in the Sahara

April 23, 2019

Paul Sereno, a member of the research team on the Neubauer Collegium NigerHeritage project, joins the University of Chicago’s Big Brains podcast to discuss his approach to “adventure with a purpose.”


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