An Artist Addresses the Field Museum’s Problematic Native American Hall

January 8, 2019

Chicago Magazine talks to Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow and Open Fields research team member Alaka Wali about the renovation of the Field Museum’s Native North American Hall.

Chicago’s Field Museum Announces Plans to Revamp Native American Hall

October 30, 2018

“The challenge is to bring out our spectacular collections, but contextualize them in a way that connects the past to the present and the continuity of the Native American experience,” said Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow Alaka Wali, curator of North American anthropology at the Field Museum and a collaborator on the Open Fields project.

Jessica Stockholder and Robert Davidson Collaborate in Austin

September 7, 2018

The two renowned artists, who collaborated on the Neubauer Collegium Open Fields project, are extending their partnership this fall with interrelated exhibitions in Austin, Texas.

Alaka Wali on “Beyond Bollywood”

August 16, 2017

The new "Beyond Bollywood" exhibition at the Field Museum is "the first exhibit of its kind to really concentrate on Indo-Americans, as opposed to Indians in America," Visiting Fellow Alaka Wali tells the Chicago Tribune.

Anna Tsouhlarakis on the Solar Eclipse

August 9, 2017

With "Edges of Her," a new piece on display at the Center for the Arts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, artist Anna Tsouhlarakis prompts viewers to question their assumptions about the upcoming solar eclipse. 

Tattooing as Global Practice: Alaka Wali on the History and Aesthetics of Tattoo Culture

November 16, 2016

Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow Alaka Wali, Curator of North American Anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History, recently sat down with VICE magazine to discuss a new exhibit on the history of tattoos. "Usually our exhibits focus on one region or one culture," she explains, "but this exhibit pays explicit attention to tattoo practices in the United States and Europe—'the West'—and how these were influenced by tattoo artists and aesthetics in non-Western cultures." 

‘Races of Mankind’ Sculptures, Long Exiled, Return to Display at Chicago’s Field Museum

January 21, 2016

Alaka Wali, Applied Cultural Research Director at The Field Museum and Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow, discusses her curated exhibition "Looking at Ourselves: Rethinking the Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman”

--The New York Times by Jennifer Schuessler

‘Races of Mankind’ Sculptures, displayed again, in a new light, at the Field

January 14, 2016

Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow Alaka Wali is co-curator of the new Malvina Hoffman exhibition at The Field Museum.

--The Chicago Tribune by Steve Johnson 

Artist, DOVA chair Jessica Stockholder champions contemporary art at UChicago

September 11, 2015

Stockholder is one of three principal investigators of the Neubauer Collegium project, Open Fields.
-- UChicago News, by Lindsey Simon, AB’15