Workshop Series

This workshop series, sponsored by the Planetary History project at the Neubauer Collegium, is organized by the three members of the Planetary History research team: Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, Dipesh Chakrabarty, and Emily Osborn. Participants will meet once a month on Thursday afternoons between 5:00 and 6:30 in the Neubauer Collegium Seminar Room. (The April and June workshops will take place on Mondays.) The format includes a number of faculty presentations as well as sessions devoted to pedagogy and museum exhibitions. These workshops are closed to the public. Please contact Fredrik Albritton Jonsson for additional details.


October 11, 2018

Fredrik Albritton Jonsson (History, CHSS), University of Chicago


November 15, 2018

Laura Dassow Walls (English, history of science), University of Notre Dame


December 6, 2018

Dipesh Chakrabarty (History, SALC), University of Chicago


January 24, 2019

Special Pedagogy Session: Teaching the Anthropocene at the College Level

Sarah Hall (Geology), College of the Atlantic
Netta van Vliet (Anthropology), College of the Atlantic


March 21, 2019

Benjamin Morgan (English), University of Chicago


April 29, 2019

Minal Pathak (Environmental Science), Ahmedabad University, member of Group III of the IPCC, visiting professor at Imperial College and MIT


May 16, 2019

Julia Adeney Thomas (History), University of Notre Dame


may 31, 2019

Workshop to prepare a special forum on the Anthropocene in the American Historical Review. Closed writing workshop, attendance by special invitation only.

Kate Brown (History), University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Dipesh Chakrabarty (History, SALC), University of Chicago
Deborah Coen (History of Science), Yale University
Gabrielle Hecht (STS), Stanford University
Fredrik Albritton Jonsson (History, CHSS), University of Chicago
Emily Osborn (History), University of Chicago
Prasannan Parthasarathi (History), Boston College
Julia Adeney Thomas (History), University of Notre Dame