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This project studies the media and networks by which ideas advocating radical change have been produced and disseminated by developing and employing a material-based or even materialist version of intellectual history. Over its first fifteen months, Revolutionology has benefited from three conferences and two visiting scholars, resulting in the establishment of a scholarly network and in one published volume (and two projected), as well as a fledgling digital resource that so far traces the geographic and chronological spread of four key texts of intellectual revolution generated in Russia. For the next two years we intend to continue this work tracing the global spread of revolutionary ideas, supplementing it with non-Russian texts including the original Communist Manifesto. Under the new grant we will convene an advisory board of core participants on an annual basis, hold a conference in 2020 on revolutionary Chicago, and convene a capstone conference in 2021 reuniting the entire network to review our progress and establish future targets. In support of these goals we will also invite Sheila Fitzpatrick as visiting scholar in fall 2020.

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Read "The Bolshevik Contagion: The Media and Networks of the Russian Revolution," Studies in East European Thought 70: 2-3 (2018) >

IMAGE: El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (1919)


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