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Bernard Harcourt on "Knots of State-like Power"

Bernard Harcourt presented "Knots of State-like Power" as part of the The State as History and Theory Conference at The University of Chicago.

Participants in the May 15-17, 2014 conference situated states in global contexts, probed the ways in which states stratify and classify populations, examined the variable construction of state boundaries in order to better understand the “sinews of power” worldwide.

American Neoliberalism: Michel Foucault's Birth of Biopolitics Lectures

Open Seminar at the University of Chicago:
Gary Becker, François Ewald, and Bernard Harcourt
“American Neoliberalism: Michel Foucault’s Birth of Biopolitics Lectures”

Ira Katznelson on "Reflections on Fear Itself" - 2013 Leonard D. White Memorial Lecture

On April 23, 2013 the Department of Political Science and the International House hosted Ira Katznelson for the annual Leonard D. White Memorial Lecture. Former UChicago professor, prolific writer, educator, historian, and political theorist, Ira Katznelson gave a lecture on his newest book, "Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time." With an innovative approach to the traditional understanding of the New Deal, "Fear Itself" examines the New Deal era through an international perspective, using the writings of many lively and engaging political figures of the time to gain a powerful, professional understanding of the political climate of the era.

James T. Sparrow on welfare and warfare in today’s USA

To capture the specificity of state formation in the U.S., James Sparrow encourages historians to look at the mutual constitution of state and society, instead of taking their separation for granted.

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