Organizations for All

February 15, 2018

History Professor Jonathan Levy, a member of the research team on the Economy and its Boundaries project, considers the nineteenth-century expansion of access to formal organization.

Common Ground

October 31, 2017

In the new issue of Dialogo, Amy Dru Stanley and Jonathan Levy, collaborators on The Economy and its Boundaries research project, consider the ways their understanding of the law shapes their historical research.

UChicago Charts Future of Ethnographic Research

April 10, 2017

Faculty Fellows Forrest Stuart (The State, Violence, and Social Control in the Contemporary World), Kimberly Hoang (The Economy and its Boundaries), and Kristen Schilt (Gaming Orientation) represent a new generation of sociologists advancing the University’s multidisciplinary tradition. 

Robert Shiller on “Narrative Economics”

February 17, 2017

The Nobel laureate and Yale scholar delivered a Director’s Lecture January 26 in which he considered the role of narratives as drivers of economic activity.