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Patrick Jagoda
What are Artworks for in a Networked Time?

Collective Collaborations and Practices of Failure in the Alternate Reality Game
Monday, October 20, 6:00-8:00 pm
Social Sciences Research Building, Room 122
What role do network aesthetics play in communicative capitalism? Moreover, how can new media art belong to and intervene in the political situation of the early twenty-first century? This talk approached these questions through Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), a rapidly growing form of experimental and networked games. Through collective interactions, difficult collaborations, and experiences of failure, ARGs use online and human networks to enable a greater understanding and potential transformation of publics in the present. 

Game Changer Chicago Design Lab’s alternate reality game S.E.E.D. in summer 2014
S.E.E.D. is a summer STEM learning program that unfolded both online and on the University of Chicago campus this Summer (2014). 

Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Student Fellow Recruitment Open House
February 4, 2014

Ci3's Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab held an open house to recruit a select number of new graduate and undergraduate students for its second cohort of Design Lab Fellows, starting in May 2014. 

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