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Asfixiante: 200 Deadly Black Embraces


Event Summary

This performance lecture and experiment-in-progress by Frida Robles and Stacy Hardy enacted the research towards a new opera, Asfixiante: 200 Deadly Black Embraces, via a mythopoetic love story between Africa and the Americas. Together Robles and Hardy weave the story of Coyolxauqui with Khoisan astropoetics and traced the entangled flames of the colonization and the powerful women figures that rise from its ashes, before traveling toward the (ancient) future via contemporary poets and artists engaging love and fire as both destruction and resistance, passion and rage.


Stacy Hardy


Stacy Hardy is a South African writer, an editor with Chimurenga, and researcher.

Frida Robles


Frida Robles is a Mexican curator and artist.