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Conference: The State, Violence, and Social Control in the Contemporary World


Event Summary

This one-day conference considered a wide variety of research on the intersection of violence, politics, and society from both the United States and international contexts. Panels focused on elections and violence, policing, and criminal organizations, exploring how state forces, non-state armed actors, and citizens operate and relate to one another. This research draws on diverse methodological and theoretical approaches. The conference explored areas of overlap and difference across issues and disciplines, contributing to a broader understanding of political order in the contemporary world.


Javier Auyero, University of Texas, Austin

Regina Bateson, MIT

Marie Berry, University of Denver

Sarah Daly, University of Notre Dame

Yanilda Gonzalez, University of Chicago

Mai Hassan, University of Michigan

Benjamin Lessing, University of Chicago

Beatriz Magaloni, Stanford University

Reuben Miller, University of Chicago

Will Reno, Northwestern University

Elena Shih, Brown University

Paul Staniland, University of Chicago

Forrest Stuart, University of Chicago

Vesla Weaver, Yale University