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Global Souths / Native Norths

11.18.2022 02:00 PM

Event Summary

The historical geographies of extractivism and empire cut across the division between “Global North” and “Global South.” This roundtable brings together scholars working on the Russian and North American Arctic, Brazil, and Lebanon for a conversation across regions rarely placed in the same frame. We will trace the surprising parallels and uncanny connections between histories of energy extraction and ecological transformation on very different colonial and capitalist resource frontiers. We will explore, too, sources of hope: the nodes of resistance and alternative imaginaries generated by projects of Indigenous and decolonial worldmaking.

This event is part of the Environmental Studies Workshop and the Fossil Capitalism in the Global South project at the Neubauer Collegium, and additionally supported by the Urban Theory Lab and the Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU).

This event will also be available to attend as a Zoom webinar.

Cover Image: Lat/long graticules of coordinate systems centered on Glacier Bay, Alaska, and Belo Monte dam, Brazil, with processed satellite image underlays. Satellite image source: Maxar Technologies / CNES Airbus


Alexander Arroyo


University of Chicago

Elizabeth Chatterjee


University of Chicago

Bathsheba Demuth


Brown University

Matthew P. Johnson


Harvard University

Owain Lawson


University of Toronto

Jen Rose Smith


University of Wisconsin