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Philosophy of Revolution

05.21.2018 – 05.22.2018

Event Summary

Photo by Max Herman

This conference, sponsored by the Revolutionology project at the Neubauer Collegium, asked how the revolutions of the twentieth century—primarily 1917 and 1968—have stimulated philosophical work and what it means to think philosophically about revolution. Several speakers investigated the subterranean genealogies of philosophical reflections on revolution in the 1960s, showing how revolutionary ideas travel in sometimes surprising ways. Others took a fresh look at dialogues between Soviet philosophy and seemingly quite distant intellectual and creative communities, like Black America. A third group of speakers focused on revolutionary dialogues between critical theorists and artists. Over the two days, the conference identified a clear set of hypotheses about what revolution makes visible and thinkable in our world, and how this philosophical reflex informs new revolutionary praxis.


Robert Bird (University of Chicago)

Keti Chukhrov (National Research University of Higher Economics)

Jonathan Flatley (Wayne State University)

Jeremy Glick (Hunter College)

Josh Kotin (Princeton University)

Alexei Penzin (University of Wolverhampton)

Karen Pinkus (Cornell University)

Davide Stimilli (University of Colorado)

Elettra Stimilli (Università di Roma La Sapienza)