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Voces Magicae and the Power of the Unintelligible: Session 2

01.27.2023 10:00 AM

Event Summary

Egypt and Judeo-Christian Texts

8:00am Svenja Nagel (Heidelberg) Voces magicae in (Egyptian) Context(s)

8:30am Korshi Dosoo (Würzburg) Great and Unspeakable Names: Notes on Voces Magicae in Magical Texts from Christian Egypt

9:00 Gideon Bohak (Tel Aviv) Voces magicae in ancient Jewish Amulets

9:30am Ortal-Paz Saar (Utrecht) Order and Entropy in Jewish voces magicae: A Digital Exploration

10:00am Kelly Holob (Chicago) Voces Magicae in the New Testament Apocrypha

BREAK (15 min)


10:45am Árpád Miklós Nagy (Budapest) After magical gems – voces magicae on Late Antique amulets

11:15am Celia Sánchez Natalías (Zaragoza) The materiality of voces magicae in Latin defixiones from Roman Africa

11:45am Attilio Mastrocinque (Verona) Α magical love inscription in the British Museum