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American Policy and American Finance


Event Summary

This event included talks and discussion with John N. Robinson III and Kim Pernell-Gallagher on the theme of American policy and finance. The talks featured material from two book projects: Pernell-Gallagher’s work tells the story of how cross-national differences in banking regulation developed in the decades leading up to the global financial crisis, while Robinson’s work explores the financial services industry’s growing involvement in the business of housing the poor. Together, these ongoing projects offered fresh perspectives on the shifting boundaries of the American economy by shedding light on the rise of finance and its various causes and consequences.

John N. Robinson III (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Washington University in St. Louis) discussed research presented in his forthcoming book, Liquid City: Affordable Housing and the Politics of Racial Equity in the Age of Finance.

Kim Pernell-Gallagher (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto) discussed research presented in her forthcoming book, How the U.S. Got It Wrong: American Banking Regulation in Comparative and Historical Perspective.

The event was sponsored by the Economy and Its Boundaries project at the Neubauer Collegium.