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Digital Ethics: A European Perspective


Event Summary

In April 2019 a group of more than fifty experts convened by the European Commission published a report with recommendations about the ethics of artificial intelligence. With a resolutely “human-centric” approach and the stated desire to develop a “trustworthy AI,” the digital ethics report is based on respect for intangible principles and compliance with fundamental rights and existing regulations. These principles are mainly based on those used in bioethics: AI must be beneficial and non-maleficent; it must preserve human autonomy and justice; and it must be transparent and explainable. In this lecture, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia questioned this approach to the ethics of AI by comparing it with other approaches used elsewhere in the world, particularly in North America, and by considering recent examples in which artificial intelligence has been abused.

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia is Professor of Computer Science and Deputy Director of the Observatory of Literary Life (OBVIL) at Sorbonne University. He served as a Neubauer Collegium Visiting Fellow from 2017–2019.

This event was sponsored by the Textual Optics Lab project at the Neubauer Collegium.