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Neotraditional Politics and Ethno-Nationalism


Event Summary

The rise of ethno-nationalisms has been a major factor in Eurasian politics since the years leading up to the Soviet collapse. As the post-Soviet periphery exploded in anticolonial and nationalist rebellion, ethno-nationalist and neotraditionalist ideas began to transform politics in Russia. Participants on this panel, part of a series of discussions sponsored by the After the End of History project at the Neubauer Collegium, examined the causes and consequences of the rise of red-brown allied ethno-nationalisms amid the collapse, as well as their effects on regional and global politics today.


Anindita Banerjee, Cornell University

Mark Bassin, Sodortorn University

Leah Feldman (moderator), University of Chicago

Faith Hillis (chair), University of Chicago

Serguei Oushakine, Princeton University

Dirk Uffelman, Justus Liebig University Giessen