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NigerHeritage: Novel Designs for Ancient and Historical Heritage

07.30.2018 – 08.02.2018

Event Summary

The NigerHeritage project was an international effort to preserve and display the unique archaeological, paleontological, and cultural history of Niger in two new ground-breaking institutions. Architects, city planners, scientists, historians, diplomats, and Nigerien leaders worked together to design a novel national museum pavilion in the capital city of Niamey for the display of world-renowned archaeological and paleontological treasures and a multi-faceted cultural center in the oasis Agadez at the crossroads of the Sahara Desert. The conference involved designing the national museum, an energy-efficient, novel pavilion conceived to beautifully display Africa's greatest collection of dinosaur fossils as well as an unparalleled collection of fossil humans and artifacts from the unique pre-dynastic cultures of the Green Sahara. The cultural center, also an energy-efficient hybrid of modern and traditional architecture, was designed to house the unique natural and cultural heritage of the world’s greatest desert and its nomadic peoples, from fossils to music and crafts, as well as creative studios for learning and composing. Participants at this watershed meeting crystallized program and design concepts for both institutions.


Rafini Brigi (Prime Minister of Niger)

Bazoum Mohamed (Minister of State and Interior)

Assoumana Mallam Issa (Minister of Cultural Rennaissance)

Mamoudou Mouctar (High Commissioner for Niamey Nyala)

Sani Mahamadou (Special Advisor to the President)

Rabani Adamou (Vice-Rector, University of Niamey)

Seyni Moumouni (Director, Institute for Research on Human Sciences)

Ali Bida (Director, National Museum)

Mohamed Anacko (President, Regional Counsel)

Rhissa Feltou (Mayor of Agadez)

Ibrahim Natatou (Rector, University of Agadez)

Ibrahim Oumarou (Sultan of Agadez)

Hassana Alidou (Ambassador to the U.S.)

This conference was made possible in part by the Sereno Fossil Lab. The Fossil Lab gratefully acknowledges Robert and Ellen Vladem, who generously support its vision for NigerHeritage.