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NigerHeritage Opening Conference

08.16.2017 – 08.17.2017

Event Summary

Photo by Max Herman

NigerHeritage was an innovative project bringing together paleontologists, archaeologists, Africanist historians, American and Nigerien diplomats and government personnel, architects and city planners, nonprofit leaders, exhibit designers, and local Nigeriens. The aim was twofold—to design a novel, zero-energy national museum pavilion to house a unique collection of world-famous pre-Egyptian humans and dinosaur fossils and to design the first cultural center dedicated to preserving the language, art, music, and customs of the nomadic peoples of the Sahara Desert. This opening conference provided background, air proposals, and encouraged exchange. A team subsequently traveled to Niger to present and discuss the proposals in the capital city of Niamey and in Agadez, the respective home sites for the project.