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Petra Andrejova-Molnár: Contribution and Collaboration

09.16.2015 – 11.13.2015

Exhibition Summary

This exhibition included works attributed to the Czechoslovakian architect Petra Andrejova-Molnár, an overlooked figure active in the first half of the twentieth century, as realized by artist Katarina Burin in the form of architectural models, drawings, furniture and design objects, photographs, and texts. In presenting Andrejova-Molnár’s work, and the scholarly apparatus around it, Burin simultaneously inserted her into and subtly destabilized the established canon of architectural history—lending voice to female designers while also questioning notions of authorship and authenticity, the relationship between gender and the archive, and the historical tension between national identity and internationalist aspiration. The project highlighted the ways in which historical movements and utopian ideologies are complicated and contradictory formations in a constant state of flux, while also creating a space of play around the mythos of “the architect.”

Curated by Jacob Proctor



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