About this Project

2016 – 2018

The Transmedia Story Lab project brought together a research team from the Biological Sciences Division, Humanities Division, and School of Social Service Administration to explore ways that narrative arts — especially emergent digital media and transmedia storytelling forms — can influence broader publics, impact policies, and improve health. The Lab, an initiative of the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3), sought to produce a unique body of knowledge about new media storytelling that explores intersections between the arts and sciences, as well as critical making and practice-based research in the humanities. The project also explored transmedia storytelling itself as a qualitative research method that could further the field of public health. Through providing infrastructural support for establishing the Lab, the Neubauer Collegium facilitated the development of new analytic, qualitative, and quantitative research methods for studying the impact of narrative in public health, and enable scholarship that exists at the intersection between the digital humanities and public policy.


The Game of Critique

April 4, 2021

In a review of Patrick Jagoda’s new book, Experimental Games: Critique, Play, and Design in the Age of Gamification, The Los Angeles Review of Books commends the work for its rich exploration of gaming history and theory. The book draws in part on research Jagoda and his colleagues led on the Neubauer Collegium projects Transmedia Story Lab (2016–18) and Gaming Orientation (2016–19).

Neubauer Collegium Principal Investigator Patrick Jagoda featured in Chicago Reader story

August 17, 2016

Patrick Jagoda comments on video games' role in art and academia. 


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