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The goals of this project are to increase the awareness and sophistication of thinking about data visualization at the University of Chicago, especially within the humanistic disciplines, and to take concrete steps towards empowering faculty projects that could benefit from data and information visualization. The project, a partnership between the Neubauer Collegium and the Office of Research and National Laboratories, aims to explore new ways of conducting research in light of the deluge of data in the humanities and social sciences by seeking to understand the transformative character of data visualization for research and communication within humanistic disciplines. VUE will help build a community of scholars across multiple disciplines who share an interest in how data visualization can help both their work and the dissemination of their work. This will be done by bringing innovative, forward-thinking leaders in this field to campus for seminars and interactive work sessions and by creating an ecosystem to support the development of new visualization projects across multiple humanistic fields. VUE will develop and make data visualization tools available for download or through web platforms and host an exhibition to demo these tools, which will be open to the entire UChicago community. By fostering a data and information visualization community on campus, VUE will support the ongoing research of scholars in humanistic fields, provide engagement opportunities and research tools for the campus community, and establish UChicago as a hub for humanistic data visualization. Read more about the VUE Project >

Image: "Visual Index" of Battle in the Mind Fields by John Goldsmith and Bernard Laks (University of Chicago Press, 2019)


Mapping Chicago’s 1919 Race Riots

July 22, 2019

An interactive map, built with support from the Neubauer Collegium VUE Project, sheds new light on a conflagration that helped define the city's neighborhoods.


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