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Faculty Fellow

Ariel Fox

Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature, East Asian Languages and Civilizations University of Chicago


Photo by Erielle Bakkum

Photo by Erielle Bakkum

Ariel Fox explores the intersection of literary and economic imaginaries in late imperial China. She is particularly interested in the ways in which dramatic forms provided the conceptual grounding for late imperial writers and audiences to negotiate a newly global economy. Her current book project, The Cornucopian Stage: Performing Commerce in Early Modern China, examines the ways in which seventeenth-century playwrights recuperated commercial subjects and objects—like the merchant and his money—as narratively, morally, and socially productive. Other current projects include tales of anthropomorphic money, the poetics and aesthetics of banknotes, and movement and gesture on the late imperial stage.


A camel on the ancient Silk Road, April 1999. Photo by Jeanne Menjoulet via Flickr.

Silk Road Imaginaries

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