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Project Collaborator

Lucas Pinheiro

Political Economy Fellow Dartmouth College


Photo by Erielle Bakkum

Lucas Pinheiro's research bridges political theory and social history by focusing on the development of global capitalism, empire, and the legacies of racial slavery in the Atlantic world since the late seventeenth century. His current book project, Factories of Modernity: Political Thought in the Capitalist Epoch, recasts the factory system as a decisive stage for political thought and practice in the Atlantic world between 1688 and 1807. From this historical study, Pinheiro develops a long-range conceptual framework for understanding modern capitalism and confronting its enduring patterns of discipline, racialization, and inequality.

To learn more about Lucas Pinheiro's research and publications, please visit his website.


Workers at a tea warehouse in Canton alongside workers in an Amazon distribution center

Intellectual Histories of Global Capitalism

Project Team:

2021 – 2022