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Visiting Fellow, 2013 – 2014

Michael Baxter

Emeritus Professor of Statistical Archaeology, School of Science and Technology Nottingham Trent University


Michael Baxter (d. 2018) was Emeritus Professor of Statistical Archaeology in the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University. His interest in statistics in archaeology arose from a marriage between what began as a leisure interest in archaeology and the subject of his university studies, statistics. This culminated in two years working full-time in archaeology after completing his PhD before returning to the statistical fold. About 80 of his more than 100 publications are in the field of statistical archaeology, including two books. His interest in cinemetrics stemmed from two periods of enforced convalescence. The first involved watching a lot of silent films, reawakening an earlier interest in the subject; the second involved reading a lot of books about silent film. In the course of the latter he was fascinated to discover that you could apply statistics to quantified data derived from film, and that it had a name, Cinemetrics. He subsequently wrote several papers on the subject.


Cinemetrics Across Boundaries: A Collaborative Study of Montage

2013 – 2015