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Research Project

Art Scenes: An International Perspective

2014 – 2016

Project Summary

Nine teams of international, interdisciplinary collaborators sought to describe and compare contemporary art scenes more precisely, incorporating social science concepts and methods to develop a worldwide “grammar of scenes.”

Research Team

Marta Klekotko

Marta Klekotko

Assistant Professor, Institute of Sociology

Jagiellonian University, Krakow

Marta Klekotko's research interests cover community studies, development studies, cultural mechanisms of development, as well as problems of socio-political empowerment, with particular emphasis on the impact of arts and culture upon social inclusion and local political process. She is the...

Wonho Jang

Wonho Jang

Professor of Urban Sociology

University of Seoul

Won-ho Jang is a professor of urban sociology at the University of Seoul. He received his BA in sociology from Seoul National University and his PhD. in sociology from University of Chicago. His teaching and research areas include urban sociology, political sociology, and pop-culture studies. He...

Daniel Silver

Daniel Silver

Professor of Sociology

University of Toronto

Daniel Silver is Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His research areas are social theory, cities, culture, and cultural policy. He is co-editor of The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy and author of Scenescapes: how qualities of place shape social life. Professor...


In an editorial cartoon published circa 1900, Uncle Sam steps over the Philippines to carry goods to China.

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