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Research Project

Making Asylum

2018 – 2022
A mural outside a reception center
Mural outside a reception center for asylum seekers, courtesy of Evelyn Brodkin

Key Question

Project Summary

This project brings together theory and practice to link the politics of the welfare state and local, street-level organizations with the lived experiences of asylum-seekers in Sweden and Denmark.

Research Team

Karen Nielsen Breidahl

Karen Nielsen Breidahl

Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Society, Faculty of Social Sciences, and WISER (Welfare, Innovation, Social Work and Employment Relations

Aalborg University

Karen Nielsen Breidahl is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Society at Aalborg Universitet. For details on her research interests and publications, please see her profile page.

Evelyn Z. Brodkin

Evelyn Z. Brodkin

Associate Professor Emerita, Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice; Associate Faculty, Department of Political Science

University of Chicago

Evelyn Z. Brodkin is one of the leading scholars of street-level organizations (SLOs), the agencies at the front-lines of public policy delivery. Her research has contributed to the theoretical and empirical development of SLOs as a field of study for investigating welfare state politics, the...

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