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Research Project

Revolutionology II: Media and Networks of Intellectual Revolution

Project Team:

2019 – 2021

Project Summary

This project advanced the goals of the Revolutionology project to interrogate the links between political and intellectual change, with a focus on mapping the global circulation of revolutionary ideas.

Research Team

Robert Bird

Robert Bird

Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, and the College

University of Chicago

Robert Bird (1969 – 2020) studied the aesthetic practice and theory of Russian modernism. His first full-length book, Russian Prospero (2006), is a comprehensive study of the poetry and thought of Viacheslav Ivanov. He was also the author of two books on the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky,...

James Farr

James Farr

Professor, Department of Political Science

Northwestern University

James Farr has published some sixty-five articles or chapters on Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Marx, Lieber, Dewey, Lasswell and Popper, as well as on conceptual change and on social capital. He is the coeditor of six books, including The General Will: The History of a Concept (Cambridge, 2015)...

Project Narrative


In an editorial cartoon published circa 1900, Uncle Sam steps over the Philippines to carry goods to China.

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