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Faculty Fellow

Bart Schultz

Senior Lecturer in Humanities (Philosophy) and Director of the Humanities Division's Civic Knowledge Project University of Chicago


Bart Schultz is Senior Lecturer in Humanities (Philosophy) and Director of the Office of Civic Engagement's Civic Knowledge Project. He has been teaching in the College at the University of Chicago since 1987, designing a wide range of core courses as well as new courses on Philosophy and Public Education, The Philosophy of Poverty, John Dewey, The Chicago School of Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophies of Environmentalism and Sustainability, Philosophy and Philanthropy, Consequentialism from Bentham to Singer, and Happiness. He has also published widely in philosophy, and his books include Essays on Henry Sidgwick (Cambridge, 1992); Henry Sidgwick: Eye of the Universe (Cambridge, 2004), winner of the American Philosophical Society's Jacques Barzun Prize in Cultural History); Utilitarianism and Empire (Lexington, 2005); and The Happiness Philosophers: The Lives and Works of the Great Utilitarians (Princeton, 2017). He is on the Editorial Board of Utilitas, the leading professional journal of utilitarian studies, and he is currently working on a new book, The Classical Utilitarians: Essential Readings (Broadview Press, forthcoming).

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Artful Living Program

2016 – 2018