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Faculty Fellow

Chiara Cordelli

Professor of Political Science University of Chicago


Chiara Cordelli works on a variety of topics in social and political philosophy, including questions of distributive justice, political legitimacy, normative defenses of the state, and the ethics of philanthropy. She is the author of The Privatized State (Princeton University Press, 2020), which was awarded the 2021 ECPR Political Theory Prize for best first book in political theory, and of Privatocrazia (Mondadori 2022, Italian only). She is also the co-editor of Philanthropy in Democratic Societies (University of Chicago Press, 2016). Cordelli has held visiting positions at Stanford (2011-13), Princeton (2014-15), Harvard (2018-19), and EHESS in Paris (2021-22).


Faces of famous leaders on banknotes from around the world

Democracy and Capitalism: An Interdisciplinary Project in History, Law, and Politics

2022 – 2023