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Project Collaborator

Chima J. Korieh

Associate Professor of History Marquette University


Chima J. Korieh specializes in West African social and economic history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, gender relations, and comparative slavery. He is the director of the Biafra War Oral History/Genocide Project and editor of two journals: Igbo Studies Review and Nigerian Studies Review. Korieh is a fellow of the African Studies Center, Leiden, and was a British Academy Fellow at Oxford in 2008. He is author or editor of over ten books, including The Land Has Changed: History, Society, and Gender in Colonial Eastern Nigeria (Calgary, 2010). Drawing on an array of sources in relation to colonial attempts to transform local agriculture, the book reveals colonial interactions as negotiated encounters between officials and natives and challenges simplistic notions of a hegemonic colonial state and a compliant native population. He is currently working on a new book that explores the extraordinary story of how the African population was drawn into the second world war on the side of the Allied powers, the intense demands made on the population and their resources, and their attempt to overcome the crisis engendered by the war, which have usually remained neglected and underappreciated.


Omu Martha Dunkwu

The Power of Women in Eastern Nigeria

2023 – 2024