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Project Collaborator

Gabriel Velez

Assistant Professor Marquette University


Gabriel Velez is an assistant professor and developmental psychologist in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership (EDPL) in the College of Education at Marquette University. Dr. Velez studies identity development in adolescents, particularly in relation to citizenship, human rights, and peace, including young people’s understandings and responses to peace education and restorative justice in educational contexts. His dissertation investigated how Colombian adolescents were making meaning of peace in relation to the peace process and themselves.

For more information, please visit his faculty profile.


Eye-tracking analysis presented by Preethi Vaidyanathan as part of the "Allure of Violence" conference at the Neubauer Collegium, October 12, 2018.

Understanding the Meaning-Making of Violence: Bridging Perception, Cognition, and Cultural Schema

2018 – 2020