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Faculty Fellow

Gil Stein

Professor of Archaeology; Director, Chicago Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation University of Chicago


Gil Stein is Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology in NELC and at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures. He also serves as Director of the Chicago Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation. His research investigates the development of the earliest urbanized states in the Near East, ancient economies, the archaeology of colonialism, inter-regional interaction, zooarchaeology, and the preservation of cultural heritage. He has directed excavations in Turkey, Syria, and is currently digging at the 5th-4th millennium BC Chalcolithic site of Surezha in Northeast Iraq. He also conducts cultural heritage preservation projects in Afghanistan and Central Asia (Uzbekistan).

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Economic Analysis of Ancient Trade: The Case of the Old Assyrian Merchants of the 19th Century BCE

2015 – 2018