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Project Collaborator

Kathleen Cagney

Professor of Sociology, Director of the U-M Institute for Social Research University of Michigan


Kathleen Cagney was named the Director of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research in 2021. Professor Cagney's work examines social inequality and its relationship to health with a focus on neighborhood, race, aging, and the life course. She has developed a series of papers on neighborhood social capital and its relationship to outcomes such as self-rated health, asthma prevalence, physical activity, and mortality during the 1995 Chicago heat wave. She also focuses on the validity of such measures and the development of new neighborhood-based metrics that reflect the perceptions and experiences of older residents. She holds research professorships in ISR's Survey Research Center and the Population Studies Center.

Featured Project

Black Wall Street Journey

2020 – 2021


Crimes of Prediction

Crimes of Prediction

Using a database of spatio-temporal logs of criminal activity from the City of Chicago Data Portal, this group studied the efficacy of predictive models of human behavior and investigated the ethics of crime prediction.

This effort, a cross-disciplinary collaboration between machine-learning experts and those with expertise in social theory and ethnography, aims to investigate the predictability of human behavior in the context of criminal infractions transpiring in the city of Chicago. The project also aims to...