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Project Collaborator

Nicholas Marchio

Research Data Scientist, Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation


Nico is a Research Data Scientist with the Mansueto Institute. He holds a multi-disciplinary background in data science and urban research with a strong interest in harnessing advances in data and machine learning, which he is now applying to gain deeper insights into the science behind cities. In the past, he worked at Civis Analytics as a Senior Data Scientist where he combined predictive modeling and survey research to provide actionable guidance to organizations in the technology, local government, and political spaces. Before moving to Chicago, he spent six years at the Brookings Institution as an Associate Fellow, publishing numerous reports on global trade and urban development patterns and engineering new data resources to fill gaps in public data. Nico holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Studies from Macalester College and a Master of Science in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota.

For more details on his work as a Data Scientist at Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation., please visit his profile page.


Black Wall Street Journey

2020 – 2021