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Project Collaborator

Michelle Murphy

Professor of History and Women and Gender Studies University of Toronto


Michelle Murphy is a technoscience studies scholar and historian of the recent past whose research concerns decolonial approaches to environmental justice; reproductive justice; Indigenous science and technology studies; infrastructures and data studies; race and science; and finance and economic practices. Murphy's current research focuses on the relationships between pollution, colonialism, and technoscience on the lower Great Lakes. Murphy is a tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Science & Technology Studies and Environmental Data Justice, as well as Co-Director of the Technoscience Research Unit, which hosts the Environmental Data Justice Lab and is home for social justice and decolonial approaches to Science and Technology Studies. Murphy is Métis from Winnipeg, from a mixed Métis and French Canadian family.

For more details on Murphy's research and publications, please visit Murphy's profile page at the University of Toronto.

Featured Project

Engineered Worlds II

2016 – 2017


Engineered Worlds III: Terraformations

Phytoplankton bloom in the Barents Sea

Engineered Worlds III: Terraformations

A group of historians, geographers, anthropologists, environmental artists, and security and science studies experts developed new theories and methodologies to assess the social ramifications of “engineered ecologies.”

Engineered Worlds III: Terraformations is the concluding chapter in a multiyear project on assessing anthropogenic environments and planetary conditions. Engineered Worlds interrogates the implications of a world where ecologies everywhere have been effected by human industry, and where new...