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Faculty Fellow

Rocco Rubini

Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures, Committee on Theater and Performance Studies, Fundamentals, and the College University of Chicago


Rocco Rubini’s teaching and research interests include the history of Italian theater (especially comedy between Commedia dell’Arte and Goldoni) autobiography, philology, Vico and his reception, political theory from Machiavelli to Gramsci and, more generally, the idiosyncratic contribution of Italian thought to the making and unmaking of modernity.

Rubini’s current book-length project, tentatively titled The Literary Corpus: Addressing Posterity in Italian Intellectual (Auto)biography, extends and obversely complements his research program, leveraging the Italian intellectual tradition for a requalification of “humanism.” This humanism would look more like a living intellectual tradition, hewing more closely to its Renaissance archetype while moving freely through history and into our own times.

Please visit Rubini's profile page to learn more about his research and publications.


Humanism, the Classics, and the Historical

Project Team:

2014 – 2016