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Research Project

Humanism, the Classics, and the Historical

Project Team:

2014 – 2016

Project Summary

This project established a colloquium for scholarly dialogue between two largely non-communicating, though intrinsically interdisciplinary, fields: Classics and Renaissance studies.

Research Team

Boris Maslov

Boris Maslov

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas

University of Oslo

Boris Maslov’s principal research interests are in Ancient Greek literature, literary theory, historical semantics, and comparative metrics. His current projects include a book on myth and plot (mostly) in Attic tragedy, articles on aesthetic republicanism, and a comparative statistical analysis...

Rocco Rubini

Rocco Rubini

Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures, Committee on Theater and Performance Studies, Fundamentals, and the College

University of Chicago

Rocco Rubini’s teaching and research interests include the history of Italian theater (especially comedy between Commedia dell’Arte and Goldoni) autobiography, philology, Vico and his reception, political theory from Machiavelli to Gramsci and, more generally, the idiosyncratic contribution of...


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