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Visiting Fellow, 2013 – 2016

Shaobo Xie

Professor, Department of English University of Calgary


Portrait of Shaobo Xie

Shaobo Xie did his PhD in twentieth-century literary theory. He has research and teaching interests in the areas of postcolonial theory and literature, Derridean deconstruction, neo-Marxism, cultural studies, globalization, comparative literature, critical theory, Chinese Canadian literature, and Chinese modernity.

His recent publications include Cultural Politics of Resistance (1999), Dialogues on Cultural Studies: Interviews with Contemporary Critics (2002; co-ed. with Fengzhen Wang), Globalization and Indigenous Cultures, special issue of ARIEL (2005; co-ed. with Fengzhen Wang), “Translating Modernity Towards Translating China” in Translating China (forthcoming 2005), and “Is the World Decentered? A Postcolonialist Perspective on Globalization” in Global Fissures: Postcolonial Fusions (forthcoming 2006). His current research projects: Dialectic of the Chinese Enlightenment and Theorizing Towards Postcolonial Modernity. He is an Associate Editor of ARIEL and serves on the editorial boards of The Intellectual Library (Beijing) and Translation and Interdisciplinary Studies (Tsinghua University, Beijing).

To learn more about his research and publications, visit his faculty listing.


History, Philology, and the Nation in the Chinese Humanities

2013 – 2016