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Research Project

Becoming Urban: Understanding the Urban Transformation of Migrants to Phnom Penh

2020 – 2025
A cyclist stands in the street at Central Market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Cyclist at Central Market E, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Binh Dang Nam via Unsplash.

Key Question

Project Summary

Through traditional and distributed ethnographic methods, the research team is exploring the lived experiences of Cambodian migrants from rural villages to urban centers; the factors that drove the decision to migrate; and the changes that result from becoming urban.

Research Team

Anni Beukes

Anni Beukes

Urban Researcher

Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation

Anni Beukes is an urban researcher working at the nexus of poverty, populations, and politics. In her research and practice, Beukes draws across disciplinary methods in the social, spatial, and data sciences to generate new data and design knowledge-making processes with young people in urban...

Marco Garrido

Marco Garrido

Associate Professor, Sociology

University of Chicago

Marco Garrido's research focuses on the relationship between the urban poor and middle class in Manila as located in slums and upper- and middle-class enclaves. The project has been to connect this relationship with urban structure on the one hand and political dissensus on the other, and in so...

Alan Kolata

Alan Kolata

Bernard E. and Ellen C. Sunny Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College

University of Chicago

Kolata Leads ongoing interdisciplinary research projects studying human-environment interactions over the past 3000 years in the Lake Titicaca basin of Bolivia, on the north coast of Peru and most recently in Thailand and Cambodia. His recent research interests include comparative work on...

Monin Nong

Monin Nong

Research Fellow

Centre for Natural Resources and Environment of Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI)

Monin Nong is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Natural Resources and Environment of Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). His research interests are water hygiene and sanitation, climate change adaptation, gender equality, vulnerability and adaptation assessment, climate change and...

Julio Postigo

Julio Postigo

Assistant Professor of Geography

Indiana University

Julio Postigo's research interests include the synergic effects of climate change and capitalism on rural landscapes and pastoralists; the generation of rural local knowledge for farming decision-making and weather forecasting; and rural institutions and the post-Peace Agreement in Colombia....

Sabina Shaikh

Sabina Shaikh

Senior Instructional Professor and Director of Academic Programs, CEGU

University of Chicago

Sabina Shaikh is a Senior Instructional Professor and the Director of Academic Programs for the Committee on Environment, Geography and Urbanization (CEGU) in the Division of Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. She is the faculty director of Chicago Studies, co-leads the Environmental...

Try Thuon

Try Thuon

Lecturer and Researcher; Fellow, Center for Khmer Studies

Royal University of Phnom Penh

Try Thuon received his PhD in Social Sciences from Chiang Mai University. His research interests include resource politics, water governance, urban climate resilience, informal settlements, urban heritages. His dissertation examines the politic of space making and resilience practices in...

Project Narrative

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