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Research Project

Sustainable Agriculture as Relational Learning Process

Project Team:

2017 – 2019

Project Summary

This project asked: How do those who pursue sustainability strategies understand sustainability and give it meaning, and what accounts for variation and difference across sectors and societies?

Research Team

Gary Herrigel

Gary Herrigel

Paul Klapper Professor in the College and the Division of the Social Sciences

University of Chicago

Gary Herrigel has been working on issues related to democracy and economic governance for many years. He has written two books examining historical efforts to construct democratic arrangements in markets in the U.S., Germany, and Japan. The interest in both books was in the relationship between...

Susanne Wengle

Susanne Wengle

Associate Professor in the Political Science Department; Concurrent faculty at the Keough School for Global Affairs

University of Notre Dame

Susanne Wengle is an associate professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, with a Ph.D. from the from University of California Berkeley. She is also concurrent faculty at the Keough School for Global Affairs. Before joining Notre Dame’s faculty, Wengle was a post-doc at the...

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