Neubauer Collegium Exhibitions

Neubauer Collegium Exhibitions present both historical and contemporary art in the context of the Neubauer Collegium’s interdisciplinary research. Visual arts, media, and material culture are central to the intellectual life of the Neubauer Collegium, helping to rethink the meaning of art and the contributions it can make to scholarly inquiry.

Art Practice as Research Practice

Neubauer Collegium Exhibitions are curated to meet a range of objectives. Some shows complement research projects supported by the Neubauer Collegium; others combine concerns common to multiple projects within a group exhibition; and still others offer a singular vision and voice that resonates with the alternative, collaborative research mission of the Neubauer Collegium. 

“The work we show varies radically in topic and scope from exhibition to exhibition,” says Neubauer Collegium Exhibitions Curator Jacob Proctor, “but it all demonstrates artistic practice as a vital form of humanistic research. You may experience meticulously researched experimental filmmaking or a body of work by a historical character who is in fact a contemporary artistic construction. But what you will always find is a creative, alternative space that speaks to the flexibility that an exhibition gallery can have not only at a research university, but within a major metropolitan center.”

Proctor joined the Neubauer Collegium team from the Aspen Art Museum in the winter of 2014, just as plans for the new building were underway. He was able to work closely with the architect and engineers to create a gallery that retains the Neo-Gothic character of the building, while incorporating high-tech electronics and modular walls that extend the gallery’s capacity to present wide-ranging, experimental exhibitions.