Supported by the Brenda Mulmed Shapiro Fund, the exhibitions program is an essential part of the Neubauer Collegium’s mission: to encourage thought and creativity to move in whatever directions they need to go to address problems of human significance. Visual arts, media, and material culture are central to the intellectual life of the Neubauer Collegium, helping to rethink the meaning of art and the contributions it can make to scholarly inquiry. Neubauer Collegium exhibitions are curated to meet a range of objectives. Some shows complement research projects supported by the Neubauer Collegium; others combine concerns common to multiple projects within a group exhibition; and still others offer a singular vision and voice that resonates with the alternative, collaborative research mission of the Neubauer Collegium. Each of them has provided space for scholars, artists, practitioners, and the general public to engage with the arts in the context of collaborative research. Our aim is to integrate art and collaborative research as forms of inquiry.